at the end of the first quarter were 39% of Swiss investors, who have investable assets of over US $ 1 Million, is optimistic about the global economic development in the next 12 months. In the last quarter of 2018, there were still 46 per cent, as a on Tuesday of of the big Bank, UBS published survey shows. At this 201 Swiss investors have participated.

So the Swiss are slightly less pessimistic than, for example, American investors, of which only 37 percent of the world estimate to 46 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018, the economy confident. In comparison to Asian investors, with a share of 59 per cent to 50 per cent in the previous quarter, is more optimistic, turn out to be you, however, as a true black. Across all 17 countries considered, expressed 51 percent of the surveyed investors optimistic on global economy.

Whether in Switzerland or Asia, anywhere, the wealthy investors appreciate the economic development in the home more optimistic than those of the world economy. So, for example, 66 per cent of Asian and 41% of Swiss investors are set to optimistic about the home economy.

Not surprisingly, there is a similar picture regarding Confidence shows itself against this Background, the global stock market. Here, too, Swiss and American investors were more pessimistic, Asian but also European, by contrast, became more optimistic. Of the Swiss, 31% felt in the first quarter to 36 percent in the previous quarter of the year for the next six months optimistic. In the case of the Asians there were, however, 57 per cent (quarter-on-quarter 51%) and in the case of the Europeans 47% (46%).

In the survey, the 10. to 28. March 2019 was carried out, respondents to the UBS in 17 countries, 3653, investors and business owners with investable assets of at least US $ 1 Million (in the case of investors) or a minimum of 250’000 US dollars of annual turnover and, apart from the company owner, at least one employee, or an employee (in the case of corporate holders).