It should be 20 luxury houses in a privileged location. Cost per unit: two million Swiss francs and more. However, since the middle of December 2018, the construction works are still in the Bannäbni in Baar ZG. The General contractor Auconia engineering (AIB) had to cry out because of inability to pay a construction freeze. AIB belongs to the German Rolf Aulinger.

only the clients that are sitting right now instead of on luxurious terraces on potential building ruins, and partly seized land rights are not Bruised. Tens of craftsmen and planners are waiting for the part for months on your money. Because for almost half a year, AIB has paid hardly more bills. The enforcements of damaged craftsmen amount to several Thousand up to a Million Swiss francs per company. The total damage is likely to be, according to insiders in the two-digit million range.

Questionable past,

Rolf Aulinger, a man whose questionable past worthy because of the so-called Right to be Forgotten nothing published, may be to blame others: “We have against our customers, outstanding receivables in the two-digit millions for already created and partially-related components. The claim we have made is currently back up for any Defects to be rectified.”

Actually have to keep some of the builders funds due to Bungling in the construction. One of the few completed residential units has alone 65 construction defects. He had never seen so many damage to the building on a single site, says Philippe Bernet, one of the last two site managers. He and his colleague announced already after a month, “to act as it was as a result of the payment morale of the Auconia GmbH, organize, and to plan for the long term”.

‘ silence clauses and unreasonably high premiums

AIB-Aulinger has any blame from himself and his company. To the observer, he writes: “With the construction work, we, too, are dissatisfied. Therefore, we have, among other things, the suspension of construction” of the construction management was contracted to an external service provider, but it was cancelled due to “any possible shortcomings and other shortcomings”. This planning office took over the site until after the first troubled year of his own people, hiding it.

Where the money is flowing, the have paid the home buyer to AIB, is many Involved unclear. “Certainly not in the Ceremony,” says one. “The cups were sparkling made of plastic.” Porsche driver Rolf Aulinger was away from the occasion.

He says, the money flowed in the buildings. However, there are inconsistencies. Many of the craftsmen have in their contracts of silence clauses are also not allowed to talk about prices. With good reason. The observer documents which prove that AIB made part of unreasonably high mark-UPS on supplies of goods. In one case, almost 60 per cent more than the goods were charged to price. Usual 15 percent.

Kümin construction had to balance store

Particularly hard hit, the company Kümin construction. Rolf Aulingers AIB owes the Gisikoner company about 236’000 Swiss francs. Kümins no longer able to pay their own bills. “We had to Deposit a few days ago, after 37 years of an impeccable management of the balance sheet. In two years, my husband would be retired,” says Brigitte Kümin. Any payments to the contractor’s right of lien, the let of a property had entered, would have been late, as well as money for jobs, you might run in the next few weeks and months. “And I’m terribly sorry for the companies, which are drawn by our inability to pay is also affected,” says Kümin.

The “causal connection” was not given, says AIB boss Aulinger. Rather, it was given in the case of a building, problems due to one of the Kümin AG-built wine cellar. The buyers have to keep back 400’000 Swiss francs. That’s why he didn’t pay Kümin. That he has signed for this specific case, indemnification, hiding it. Therein, it is stated that the AIB at the expense of any costs of Kümin construction fully takes over.

“owes AIB more than 300’000 Swiss francs”, says Markus Gresch of the Lachener company MGA. “We’ll probably survive just, but had to dismiss staff.” In contrast to craftsmen, he can’t leave as operators of a planning office once his arrears in the land register.

armed with receipts

“we are “only” 31’000 Swiss francs, but that is a lot if you is only two years independent and two seriously ill children,” says the sanitary, Christian Dominguez, owner of the Acora building services engineering in the high village.

the claims of Injured parties with alleged damage to bring this down receivables, appears to take a Aulingers measures, from the line of fire. Some of those Concerned with such threats. Christian Dominguez. An appointment with the justice of the peace was unsuccessful. AIB denied the claim and halved, according to Dominguez, short-hand due to the alleged damage that this caused.

receipts for the rectification of this damage, wanted to demonstrate the AIB first, before the court. “With this amount of gear to court is not worth it. And the money we don’t have, anyway – obviously”, said Dominguez. That such receipts do not exist at all, doubt it. Aulinger sees the Whole of nature according to very different.

Schwyzer Kantonalbank makes an unfavorable figure

Even companies that are not paid directly by AIB, are pressed financially. About the architect Christoph Lauener from Wangen SZ. He makes four buyers of Bannäbni objects, the representative of the client and only receives money when it is built. “By construction, this revenue was missing to me. If my house Bank, Schwyzer Kantonalbank, me a bridging loan, it is black.”

Exactly, this Bank makes a very poor figure in the Bannäbni fiasco. She has accompanied the Bannäbni project from the beginning as a Aulingers house Bank.

Dim environment

“In the sale talks, Mr. Aulinger gave us a recommendation of szkb, where write under the nose” to rile up the home buyers. Would alone have to ring for a view into the commercial register, the alarm bells. In Switzerland alone, Rolf Aulinger was involved until today in 45 companies. The most he has founded or as a stock coat taken and worn to almost all the after a few years dig.

His youngest child last December based construction Holding company called One-Bau AG, in which his wife serves as the Chairman of the Board. A Person from the haze of the circle of the AIB has been already sentenced for embezzlement and forgery of signatures legally binding, which is easy on the Internet to check.

You have made to the industry standard credit checks, says szkb, where speaker Peter Geisser on request. “And the experience from previous projects with the AIB were positive.”

The Bank

go silent for Months, not only Aulinger, but also his Bank held the creditors and owners. A few weeks ago, the cantonal Bank commissioned the renowned Zurich-based engineering firm Basler & Hoffmann. It came to the conclusion that The functions of planning, construction management, and buyer support to be filled. A binding reference date could not be called. How high is the cost, wanted, and Basler & Hoffmann could not be given to the builders, as the Client was the szkb, where. And is silent for the first time.

“The financial Situation of the AIB is very tense,” says the szkb, where speaker. The Bank, in view of the cost, Basler & Hoffmann overruns has appointed at its own expense with an analysis of the situation, amazed.

Under the Motto “The Best is yet to come” offers Aulinger, meanwhile, condos in stirnrüti Park in Horw LU. “Mortgage market conditions” with no equity. Anyone who believes that is a lot of things, but certainly not saved.

This article was taken from the magazine “observer”. More exciting articles, see