The Parties could not top-class: On the one hand, SBB, identity-state operation – for a day more than a Million train riders but also a Nuisance. On the other hand, Stadler Rail, train manufacturers, with its headquarters in Bussnang TG, and one of the biggest success stories of recent Swiss economic history.

At the top of both companies, men who are not close like compromises: Here Andreas Meyer (57), who has managed in his twelve-year term of office, to increase the SBB passenger volume by about 40 percent. There, Peter Spuhler (60), a former SVP national councillor and full-blood entrepreneur, the Stadler Rail from the 20-man operation to a global large-scale group with around 9,000 employees, has formed.
thick friends, the two alpha animals have never been. Due to your Position you know but Without the other it is not.

show searches Sunday view still take until 2024

Now: Behind-the-Scenes is flared between the main stakeholders in the Swiss rail industry in a poisonous dispute. The shutter 148 are Flirt regional trains, the Stadler Rail in the past 15 years, the SBB has supplied. A part of these vehicles is corrosion were found to be damaged in the soil, you could also say: rust.

this damage is undisputed. But how serious you are, about the parties to the conflict are not in agreement. Stadler Rail spokeswoman Marina Winder says: “The corrosion of the Flirt trains, the SBB is in use and maintained, in accordance with their life completely harmless.”

The SBB see the obviously different. Since February of 2017 make so an extensive renovation of the Flirt trains. The Work should take until 2024, you will have to from loads of the SBB works in the Canton of Ticino and is expected to cost millions of dollars.

Stadler Rail. cost

to participate On the remediation project, the SBB have informed already in 2016 But now you request, in accordance with information from Sunday view that Stadler Rail’s failure to participate in the repair costs.
In the Canton of Thurgau, this requirement provides for red heads. The call for a cost-sharing, listening to, outrageous. Of such damage are completely normal and not at all relevant to safety. Secondly, the factory had expired warranty for up to a 15-year-old trains for a long time.

in Addition, the SBB would be jointly responsible for the corrosion, partly because they work not have carried out maintenance according to the manual.

Stadler-Rail spokeswoman Winder does not want to comment on this presentation. The SBB in turn emphasize that the causes of the corrosion have not been clarified conclusively and that none of the issues have an impact on the customers. For the timetable, SBB spokesman Reto Schärli said: “we can’t confirm that.” He admits, however, that there is with Stadler Rail “conversations”.

Turbulent weeks for the SBB

But obviously there’s more going on than just talks: in the Meantime, has turned the Federal office for transport (BAV). Sunday: view letter, the national Supervisory authority of the SBB on the 21. December get let. It States: “Due to the information available to us, we find that between the SBB and the manufacturer of the Flirt vehicles, Stadler AG, neither in terms of the causes of the corrosion damage with respect to the necessary remediation measures are agreed.”

The BAV reminded of the railway, “to waive is not absolutely necessary total refurbishment” in order to prevent unnecessary costs. In addition, the Supervisory authority of the SBB demanded, “traceable to demonstrate that they applied the necessary care in the maintenance and the damage is not through negligence has caused”.

Strong stuff – especially since BAV-Director Peter Füglistaler has signed the Letter personally. But it gets even better: in the Meantime, the cantons are also involved. You have to pay the SBB for regional passenger transport services – and now fear that you will end up asked for more by the cost of renovations to the checkout. This fear of the FOT issued a clear rejection: “essentially, we see the corporate responsibility for remediation and the financing of the corrosion damage in the SBB.”

Also Stadler Rail CEO Peter Spuhler is likely to read this. On Andreas Meyer and his Crew, however, turbulent weeks of waiting.

Last Sunday was the Sunday of a view of the debacle around the 1.9 billion Swiss francs expensive, SBB long-distance double-Decker trains from the manufacturer, Bombardier, on the subject of (the picture). Two days later, the traffic Commission of the national Council dealt with the problem, and showed, according to the communication “extremely concerned” about the numerous glitches in the new train. The parliamentary Commission calls for the responsible answers. On Friday, Switzerland-the head of Bombardier, Stéphane Wettstein defended himself, in the “Aargauer Zeitung” against the criticism of the train. He was confident that, very soon, a stable operation could be established. Of a reconciliation between SBB and Bombardier, however, are still far away. On Saturday, SBB boss Andreas Meyer was in the “Switzerland on the weekend” is also an Interview in which he drove the manufacturer of the Pannenzugs again to the cart. “The reasons for the current Situation are clear in the case of Bombardier,” says Meyer. In addition, he was granted claims from the policy, the procurement of freedom of the SBB to restrict more, a clear rejection.