In the Premier League and there will be a noticeable bubble up to the competition and still allow them to continue. Using a construction of ‘camps’ and competitions behind closed doors, trying to be a waterkans to use for the 92 remaining matches if you want to work with.

The world’s richest league of the world and want to do everything possible to make the voetbaljaar to do so. The tv channels BT and Sky, were billions up for the rights and the threat of a fine if the league is not finished.

The idea, which appeared in the British newspaper The Independent in the summer, in the neighbourhood of London, and the Midlands, places to stay, for the club to train and play with. Other people, such as camera crews and journalists will be able to stay in hotels. Everyone is at the arrival and tested for the corona virus. The matches would be over without the general public have been, but a live television broadcast. The plan is a little bit of the style of a closed-off world CHAMPIONSHIPS, but this time without packed stands.

a Moral issue

It remains to be seen whether the Uk government is an exception that will allow for the moment that the channel is in place. It immediately got the idea and then also a lot of hurdles. “Can we be moral to allow an injured player to the position of a coronapatiënt in the already overcrowded hospitals?”, I asked a clubbestuurder, for example.

as Yet, the Premier League is on hold until at least april 30. The gap between the leader and Liverpool, and their first opponent, Manchester City, amounted to less than 25 points at the time, the competition was halted. Earlier, he gave the City player Ilkay Gundogan in that he was fair would have to find if Liverpool are awarded to the winner. You, as an athlete you’ve been.”

we can See Youri Tielemans and his Leicester team mates this season, is still in action. (Photo: AFP)