The Lebanese army stormed the building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Beirut and ousted him from the protesters, informs television channel “al Jazeera”. Previously, they stated that the building Department will be the headquarters of the revolution, and urged the current government to resign. According to the latest Lebanese red cross, in clashes injured about 250 people, 63 of them were hospitalized, the remaining aid was provided on the spot. Authorities confirmed the death of one policeman.Amid anti-government rallies, Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diab to exit from the crisis proposed to organize early parliamentary elections, AP reported. In a televised speech he called on all political parties to set aside differences and work together. According to local media, the protesters also attempted to storm various government buildings, including ministries of energy, foreign Affairs, Economics, environment, building of Association of banks of Lebanon. Military trimmed protesters from the square in front of the Parliament building. Security forces used tear gas against protesters hurling stones. Witnesses reported the shooting.Protesters demanded the resignation of the government and the President after the explosion on 4 August at the port of Beirut. According to the latest figures, killed 158 people, injured more than 6 thousand people. As a result of explosion were damaged half of the building. According to the preliminary version, the cause of the explosion was improper storage 2,75 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate in one of the warehouses of the port. All of the port authority sent under house arrest. The Lebanese authorities did not rule out the involvement of “external forces” to the incident.On international assistance to the Beirut — in the material “Kommersant” “Lebanon promise infusion”.