Military police patrol repulsed the militants Saraqib: exclusive footage

the film Crew of VGTRK working in Syria, managed to get the first shots, as the Russian military police patrol the town of Saraqib , which managed to free from extremists. Working on the spot war correspondent Yevgeny Poddubny.

the Russian Soldier of the military police hoisting the tricolor on the M5 in Saraqib – a symbol of the Russian presence. The division patrols the town, which the militants and the Turkish military was desperately trying to capture and hold.

the motorway M5, which connects the Northern capital of Aleppo with Damascus. The film crew is in the village of Saraqib for the city of fierce fighting in recent days. Now here is the Russian patrol of the military police. The patrol armored cars — “Typhoon”, “Tiger”, “Lynx”.

the Fighting does not stop, they go about three kilometers from the settlement. The radicals are still trying to break through the defenses of the Syrian military. In addition, Saraqib is the place of greatest activity of the Turkish armed forces.

This is the second patrol of the Russian military police in the combat zone. That division of the Russian military police start working here, it became known yesterday, the patrol will now be held regularly.

“In accordance with the task the military police unit arrived in the city of Saraqib and began patrolling highway M4 and M5 to ensure the safe movement of civilian vehicles on such trails and avoid provocations by armed groups”, — said the representative of the military police of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Sergeyev.

Russian armored vehicles in Saraqib is perhaps the worst news for the militants and their allies. A military police unit actually blocks the actions of the Turkish artillery and unmanned aircraft in the area.

of Course, the Turkish military and the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-sham (banned in Russia) continuezhayut to beat the front edge, but about trying to recapture the city and block the strategic route of speech can not go. To beat the Russian army openly Ankara afford not. Besides, apparently, a bet on the massive use of shock drones was not justified.

With the help of anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk” the Syrian army has destroyed ten attack drones the Turkish army, while government forces have lost three aircraft. Fire air defenses open for any unidentified purpose.

During a live broadcast of the crew appeared in the sky two Turkish drone. Journalists are forced to work in the mode of “night vision”.

On the ground connections that are in the area of de-escalation of Idlib, began to use tactics that allow you to avoid attacks from the air. Armor moves secretly, the units use cover. The Turkish army was unable to provide the superiority for fighters of the former branch of “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia). All the success of the operation in Ankara “Spring shield” – only in the information field. It’s such a good mine at bad game.