In the throes of a dangerous infection Dagestan field hospitals was transferred from Stavropol and Moscow region. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made it on behalf of the President of the country. Appropriate forces and means at the office was, and the experience of the rapid deployment of mobile hospitals in any point of Russia’s military has become not just in special classes and teachings, but in the process of combating coronavirus. Suffice it to recall how they in a few days delivered and deployed in the taiga a field hospital in the Siberian village of Yeruda. Yes, where he organized a big camp for observational contact with sick shift workers.

Hospital in Botlikh, although the field, but it is a modern and high-tech medical facility. A few dozen special tents are adopted, infectious and hospital offices, a room for anesthesiology and intensive care, laboratory where you can conduct various studies and diagnostic analyses and tests. There are several ventilators, monitors for intensive monitoring of patients, x-ray equipment and ultrasound. But most importantly, to work in this hospital in Botlikh came 72 the health worker, including trained combat the coronavirus, the medical officers and nurses.

on Tuesday, the capacity of the field hospital was personally praised by the head of the Republic of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev. “What I saw in the modern medical centers in Moscow and other major Russian cities, I saw here in Botlikh, he said after inspecting the hospital. – Here is everything you need, even if you must start the work of the heart. Admission of patients to the hospital provided for conducting all necessary studies, including analysis of COVID-19, there are sufficient medical professionals of the highest class is the doctors, who worked in difficult conditions, who know what to do. It’s a huge help. Thank you!”

it is Necessary to bear in mind two important circumstances. First – in addition to hospitals, the military also arranged in Buynaksk and Botlikh two field quarantine camps. Due to this, the total capacity of each medical facility has increased from one hundred to 450 beds. But the deployment of these hospitals and camps by military residents of Dagestan are not limited. According to the plans of the defense Ministry, up to 30 June must be prepared for treatment of patients with coronavirus in three other cities of the Republic, Kaspiisk, Derbent and Khasavyurt. And army chemists will continue to disinfect the grounds and buildings of major industrial, administrative and other enterprises and institutions of the Republic.