The knives are sharpened: pop star Miley Cyrus (26) is opened after the separation from estranged husband Liam Hemsworth (29) the war of the roses. Recently, the US singer said at the side of her new boyfriend, the Australian musician Cody Simpson (22), on Instagram to their Fans: “people, there are also good men, is something you just can’t give up. I always thought I should be a lesbian because all men are evil, but that’s not true.”

There is also “good people out there that happen to have a Penis”. You’ve met previously but only such a man, so the former Disney Star: the current on your side. Cody Simpson grins into the camera. Cyrus’ Ex Hemsworth did not respond to the taunt so far.

Cyrus’ statement, not for the Shitstorm

But only the marriage to the Australian actor (“The hunger games”), the brief Liaison with US-blogger starring kaitlynn Carter (31) appears to be due to Cyrus’ Statement in a new light. In her statement, the singer in the United States for an Outcry among Homosexuals. The Tenor in the commentary columns: It was thinking in addition to, women would choose to be a lesbian, because they could find no good man. “I think he was outed, not just as a supporter of the Gay Community. So sexuality doesn’t work.”

Cyrus apologizes on Twitter. You wrote: “I have a stupid talking sense about annoying men.” But she wanted to make it clear: “Man does not select his sexual orientation. You’re born how you are.” It was her always been a concern for the Gay Community to stand up, from the be yourself part.

With her new love, it seems to be Cyrus seriously. Cody Simpson and they are said to have already engaged. The blessing of her mother-in-law in spe, Simpson’s mother Angie, has it already: On your Instagram profile the mother of the musician recently shared a picture of her son, and Miley and wrote: “There is a Smile on your face, to see you both so happy makes me.”

Also in the case of these Stars, there were wars of the roses:

The Hollywood dream couple par excellence, announced at the end of 2016, after two years of marriage, his separation. Since then, Brangelina on the division of their assets and custody of their six children zoffen. The two brawlers had to ask the court for more time, as well as the provision of a private judge. The war of the roses the look spielerpaars continues to this day. In the meantime, Pitt took an emotional, alcohol-confession – and Jolie were, how much you would be used to the separation, and you’ve lost yourself almost in this difficult phase of life.

the US Golf Pro Tiger Woods got married in 2003, the Swedish Model Elin Nordegren. For six years the two led a supposed storybook marriage to Nordegren in 2009, with the media of an affair, her husband found out about it. Shortly thereafter, more and more women who reported hot nights with the athletes themselves known. Nordegren should be furious to have been jealousy. It’s a mysterious car accident followed, in the Woods in a tree, and raced after him, is said to have chased his wife with a Golf club. In 2010, Nordegren filed for divorce, Woods had his Sex-Addiction treatment.

the war of The roses between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is probably one of the ugliest in Hollywood. The American actress split 2015 from movie star, claiming he is repeatedly physically abused. Among other things, he is supposed to have a phone to your thrown and fisticuffs have become. The “pirates of the Caribbean”Star denies all allegations and is suing his Ex-wife because of reputational damage to around 40 million Swiss francs. The process is dragging for months. Up to the 15. November must submit Depp the court documents about his alcohol and drug use.

A nasty custody battle, the US film star Uma Thurman (46) and the Swiss bankers Apard Busson (53) fought. The “Kill Bill”actress and the Financier, fought for years to make the education of their daughter Luna (7). Busson threw his Ex-fiancé, to have problems with alcohol and drugs. In addition, he complained about Thurman have never given to him back the engagement ring he had given her in 2008, and is converted to have cost up to 1.5 million Swiss francs. Thurman accused your Ex, Meeting up with his daughter constantly cancel.