Mild form of coronavirus patients in Moscow will be allowed to be treated at home

according To him, patients with mild disease may with their consent to be treated at home. This category included patients with temperatures less than 38.5 degrees, the frequency of the respiratory movements is less than 30, the saturation of blood with oxygen more than 93%, and with free breathing. They have to provide consultations via telemedicine.

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Specified in the document and the treat will be sick. “The patient at home will be assigned to the following treatment: administration of Lopinavir and Ritonavir, drinking plenty of fluids, symptomatic therapy (antipyretics, paracetamol)”, – stated in the document.

And in the absence of symptoms and two negative tests for coronavirus conducted with a difference not less than 48 hours, the patient is considered recovered. Now discharged from hospital not only survived the coronavirus, but suspected of infection by following three tests.

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required hospitalization to be patients with severe clinical picture of the occurrence of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) with a clinical combination of two or more signs on the background of fever: body temperature ~38,50 C; NPV ~30; Sp02$93%, and patients with severe clinical picture, atypical for SARS or community-acquired pneumonia. Hospital treatment of the subject and cases from risk groups: pregnant women, people aged B5 years,with chronic illthe creation of a broncho-pulmonary, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

If in the assessment of the conditions at home are admitted to identify the accommodation together with the patient, minor children, relatives who need care or emergency care, or care the patient needs, physicians should inform to the line Social care by phone: 8 (495) 870-45-12.

If the person returned from the country with an unfavourable epidemiological situation, the doctor needs to take his test (a swab from the throat and nose) on coronavirus at home. The same applies to patients older than 60 years or with chronic diseases.