Mikhail Efremov

8 Jun 56-year-old Mikhail Efremov was responsible for a terrible accident in the centre of the capital, which killed 57-year-old Sergey Zakharov. Being in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, the actor has left on an oncoming lane and crashed into a van, at the wheel which was Zakharov — from traumatized he died in hospital.

Earlier, Yefremov appeared in court and pleaded guilty, after which he was sent on house arrest until August 9. Later, Michael has recorded a video message in which he asked for forgiveness from the family Zakharov, offered them his help and admitted that he was ashamed and hurt by this situation.

Mikhail Efremov

Today, in this matter there happened a sudden change. In an interview with TV channel “Moscow 24” the actor’s lawyer Elman Pashayev declared the innocence of Ephraim in a fatal accident on Smolensk square.

More read more anything I will not explain — this is premature, that is the crime he did not commit. Mikhail Olegovich, when informed said, “I want to compensate,” not to compensate, and “willing to pay”, because the accident involved his car,

— said Pashayev.

Mikhail Efremov with his daughter Anna-Maria

the lawyer of the family of the deceased Sergey Zakharov, Alexander Dobrovinsky, has responded to the statement by the representative of the actor. He expressed his surprise at what he heard, but noted that all would understand the court.

this car was Yefremov or not? The court will probably be to understand. If we are talking about the examination, which was made the vehicle of the citizen of Ephraim remains intact. Have driven this car the Martians, and the citizen of Ephraim was not there, I don’t know. But the court probably should determine all,

— quoted Dobrovinsky edition “Politekspert”.

earlier, Mikhail Efremov was declared sane, and his blood had traces of alcohol and drugs — cannabinol, cocaine and cocaethylene.

last week, the lawyer for the actor said that his client had a heart attack. Pashayev said that it happened on the anniversary of the death of the mother of the actor, Alla Pokrovskaya. Family of Ephraim wanted to ask the investigator to allow him to go to that day on the grave of a mother, but the actor refused to leave the apartment. According to the lawyer, Michael is in a very depressed state.

Mikhail Efremov with her son Nikita