Mikhail Mishustin promises to be economic difficulties without shocks

In the Cabinet of Ministers are closely monitoring the economic situation in the country is taking emergency measures to maintain balance. In the last days and weeks Russia, like the rest of the world, is under pressure from two factors – the epidemic of the coronavirus and the decisions of the OPEC about output from the transaction to reduce oil production.

Photo: Sergei Kuksin Mishustin: Digital data is the new oil, gold, platinum XXI century

– the Situation in the Russian economy is under the control of the President and the government. We have all the tools to go through it quietly, without shocks, – said the Prime Minister, opening the meeting on Thursday.

the economy formed by a large margin. In particular, the foreign assets of the Bank of Russia exceeded $ 570 billion, more than 10 trillion rubles estimated volume of liquid funds of the national welfare Fund. “Even with persistently low oil prices to compensate for the budget loss of these funds will last us for many years,” – said Mishustin.

Is a sufficient condition to fulfill in full all social obligations, – said the Prime Minister. – As the President noted, we have all the possibilities to conduct socially-oriented state policy, which is based on the needs of the people and aimed at improving the quality and standard of living, including in order to ensure the indexation of benefits and payments.

the Initiator of instability in the oil market Russia was not. The White house has repeatedly stated that we were partners to extend the agreement OPEC+ before the end of the second quarter, and even year. But, said Mikhail Mishustin, a number of countries of the organization did not go for it under the previous conditions, as Saudi Arabia announced an unprecedented decline in prices for its oils and increase production to record levels. This led to a drop in the markets.

in Spite of a severe situation outside of Russia, the threat of the spread of coronavirus in our country minimized

Even in this situation, the government seeks to benefit, it is associated with the import substitution program. “Now we are working on additional measures to deepen import substitution in industry and agriculture, expanding opportunities for exports of non-oil, high-tech products,” – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

From the Federal bodies of Executive power it requires to coordinate their actions – this depends largely on the welfare of citizens. “It is necessary to reduce all risks to a minimum and reflect serious threats to protect people from financial uncertainties in the first place. This is our main goal,” – said the Prime Minister.

Crimea will receive an additional 7 billion roubles of financial support

To the citizens of Mikhail mishustina now one request – to be attentive to their health, family and friends, especially older people who are most vulnerable to sweeping the world of the pandemic of the new virus. Protection of the inhabitants of the country from coronavirus infection, the second main task of the government. “That’s why I’m asking all citizens to be sensitive to those proactive measures taken at the Federal, regional and local levels, including in Moscow”, – Prime Minister appealed to the country.

All of the prepared decisions are carefully considered and justified, he said. Russia, in particular, one of the first actually shut its borders to citizens of China and other countries, which actively spread the virus. Limited air service to a number of European countries, canceled overseas trips for officials, except in exceptional cases of national importance, regions have been advised to abstain from mass business, sports events.

– All our actions are conducted to prevent and pre-empt coronavirusand. This is the main motive. Therefore, despite the acute situation outside of Russia, the threat of the spread of infection in our country are minimized, – said Mishustin.

the Cabinet approved the bill to ban the planting of children stowaways

the Cabinet on Thursday has allocated additional financial support for the territories, which in recent years given a high priority. 7.3 billion rubles to Crimea. The bulk of the funds – 6.7 billion – will be directed to the renewal of the commuter trains and long-distance trains, the rest of the money will go on capital repairs of apartment buildings. “All this will help make travel and leisure in the Crimea and Sevastopol more comfortable, especially as very soon offer the tourist season,” – said the Prime Minister.

Another 1.4 billion rubles are provided for the development of centers of economic growth in the regions of the Far East – Primorsky Krai and Amur region. Funding aimed at solving specific problems: reconstruction of bridge, equipment for children’s polyclinic, the construction of power grids for Free.


the Government at the session has approved a ban to drivers and supervisors to disembark from public transport for ticketless travel children under 16 years without adult supervision, said the Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich. “Today’s bill is expressly prohibited. Such cases should not be”, – he said.

in addition, the regions will be able at its discretion to give inspectors the right to require ticketless passengers identification documents. “Today is also a big problem – to bring the stowaway to account for the fare – because the right to require such documents hitherto given only to law enforcement agencies”, – said the head of Ministry of transport.