He said that July 20 is the last working day in “Transneft”. “Thus, I have worked for the company exactly 5 years and 9 months. 9 months longer than initially expected,” he said.

it happened because there was a need to complete a number of international projects of “Transneft”, including the Russian-American dialogue “Fort Ross” and the Board of Directors of American-Russian Business Council, as well as volunteer and charity projects for the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. Margelov said that in the early years was discussed by several large international projects, with possible participation of the state Corporation, but the unstable situation on the hydrocarbons market and the global pandemic has postponed them indefinitely. Almost “curled up” exhibition activities, seriously reduced the amount of business contacts with foreign partners.

“In this connection, I invited the head of the company Nikolai Tokarev to optimize I have supervised departments. All my tasks as Vice President is made. I am very grateful to Nikolay Petrovich for the interesting and taught me a lot working with him,” – said Margelov.

Responding to a question about what he’ll do next, Margelov said, “What is homeland say, and will do. Now the vacation that I have long promised to spend with the children at Valdai in the Novgorod region. And then there are some interesting ideas. In 55 years of life, of course, not begins, but not ends. Pensions sure to think before.”

Mikhail Margelov in 1997-1998 headed the Office of the RF President of public relations, in 1999 Rosinformtsentr coordinating all information on the Chechen direction, 2000-2014 was Chairman of the international Committee of the Federation Council, at the same time in 2007-2014, he was the special representative of the RF President on cooperation with African countries, from 2014 to 2020, Vice – President of “Transneft”.