After ending a 15-year hiatus from the ring against Roy Jones Jr last weekend, former champion Mike Tyson reportedly faced his second scrap of the evening when he was attacked by a crazed fan soon after leaving the Staples Center.

Boxing icon Tyson is said to have been approached by a group of people looking for autographs as he left the Staples Center in Los Angeles following his eight-round draw with fellow former world champion Jones Jr last weekend. 

As he approached the group, TMZ has claimed that a man challenged Tyson to a fight which sources claimed the boxer had initially responded in lighthearted style, warning that that situation “wouldn’t end up well” for his potential assailant.

Evidently not taking the hint, the individual is then said to have swung a punch at Tyson and attempted to remove something – suspected to be a weapon – from his waistband amid the scuffle.

A fan really tried to punch Mike Tyson after he fought Roy Jones?? Like are you that stupid?

Fans tried to do WHAT?! There are many certainties in life: sharks swim, James Brown sweats, and when provoked: Mike Tyson at 54 will beat the breaks off someone. smh

At that point, Tyson’s team reportedly swarmed in and contained the situation, having recognized the fan as a troublemaker from a previous autograph signing event.

TMZ quote Los Angeles Police as having received a report about possible battery involving Tyson at around 11pm local time, but all of the parties are said to have dispersed by the time officers arrived on the scene, resulting in no further action being taken.

Fans on social media laughed at the apparent recklessness of a casual punter attempting to take on one of the most feared fighters of all time, with one responding: “That would be a mistake.”

That would be a mistake.

its not Dillon Danis, right?

Another made a joke about Dillon Danis, Conor McGregor’s teammate who was part of the unsavory scenes following the former UFC champion’s defeat to Russian rival Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2018.

Tyson, 54, has stated that he intends to take on further exhibition boxing matches following Saturday’s fight card, which was topped by his showdown with Jones.

Several other veteran prizefighters, including Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and James “Buster” Douglas have also teased comebacks of their own.