On the 20. July 2017 took Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington (†41) to life. His band mate Mike Shinoda (42) processed this loss in his Album “Posttraumatic”. When the musician talks about his deceased friend, trembles in his voice still.

I play songs from my Solo album, Fort Minor and of course Songs of Linkin Park. Instead of a whole Band I’ve instrumentalists, but only two people next to me on stage – a drummer and a Multi -. Therefore, we can be much more spontaneous than in the case of Linkin Park. There we meisselten the Setlist in stone and kept us on each date. In the case of my Solo Tour, my Crew is nervous sometimes, because you know for so long, what songs will I play at all.

Some Songs I would never touch. By what happened, have changed, many texts, and I don’t want to sing these Songs. Other Songs I don’t want to play out of respect for Chester. But there are still so many Songs to love I – and the Fans–! I want to give the people what they want, and this includes this songs.

It depends on the day. Sometimes it’s very difficult for me – I think today is such a day, for example. To me, the frequency of breaks. I can’t always talk about the Same thing. But it would be ridiculous, Nay, even inappropriate, the topic of remaining silent. I turn every evening to the audience with memories of him, but the Shows are supposed to be a funeral. Chester was such a incredible man, good-natured, talented – just a great friend. I want to celebrate these people.

they were always inaugurated. I sent you early on a couple of song ideas, so you knew that I was in the Studio. And you know me. You know that I have to handle Chester’s death, by art, or else I would have exploded. I had to make for myself. The guys have supported me, but all of them.

We will always be brothers, write each other SMS or meet us for a chat. You have visited me already on Tour, Brad (Bassist of Linkin Park, NB. the Red.) has even played a couple of concerts. Just last week, we ate together in the evening, so it’s all good.

The question is always in the room, but at the moment there is simply no answer to that. At some point, we will know what will be the next step, and the world will know. Currently, we are focusing mainly on our friendship. I believe that every person has a purpose, a goal, a calling, something for which he is born. For all of us that Linkin Park was. And now that such an important part of this Band is gone, we ask ourselves who we actually are. It’s about something far Bigger than the question of whether or not Linkin Park will ever go on Tour again, or whether we are recording a new Album. And we need to find the answer in ourselves.

Mike Shinoda plays on the 17.3. in the hall 622 in Zurich.