“I’ve seen it,” said the St. Gallen’s Ex-SVP-Nationalrat Toni Brunner (44) in the autumn, as he announced at the end of 2018, his resignation from the Grand chamber. After 23 years in the Federal house, he had the nose fully from the Bernese policy (VIEW reported). In his footsteps, the St. Gallen cantonal Parliament Mike Egger (26), will be sworn in in the spring session as a new national Council.

“Young Generation

” But Egger is aiming for the same even to higher orders: He is to rise for the SVP in the campaign to free the Swiss Council of States seat of FDP-Ms. Karin Keller-Sutter (55), has been elected to the Federal Council. The SVP cantonal Executive Board, its Assembly of delegates is proposing. This decides on 9. January on the Nomination. “Mike Egger represents the young Generation, which is represented in the Council of States clearly,” writes the party.

That SVP switches to Egger, is likely to have to do with other candidates cancelled the appointment the same row – such as Regierungsrat Stefan Kölliker (48), as well as party Secretary Esther Friedli (41) or a national councillor Roland Rino Büchel (53).

Previous attacks on the Council of States, the Bastion remained in St. Gallen so far been unsuccessful. Eggers candidacy is therefore likely to be mainly in-house advertising for the soon-to-be Neo-national Council, in the autumn of 2019, the secure re-election in the large chamber.

Exciting output location

Interestingly, the election of a substitute from the 10. March, but still several parties to fight over the Seating of PPS! The FDP tried to defend the mandate with the lawyer, and certain day, Susanne Vincenz-Stauffacher (51). The CVP councillor Benedikt Würth (50) sends to the race. And the Greens are in the Uni-Professor Patrick Ziltener (51).

As a favorite CVP-man Würth is currently. He could benefit from the left votes, because the SP is not itself compete, because you are occupied with Paul Rechsteiner (66) is already one of the two St. Gallen Council of States seats.

the Decisive factor will be how the candidates in the first ballot to cut off. It is possible that one or the other party in the second ballot, and is as safe as the Amen in the Church – in the short term, even on a different horse could be put or not at all to the departure.