The Migros does not power on Monday with a new Parcel-Deal with the Post headlines. Also at the front of the orange giant is on “customer needs”, as it says in a message. First of all, in Eastern Switzerland, Migros has changed in 51 of the 109 sites by immediately Opening.

The changes: most of the time, Migros makes a new half-hour earlier, for example, at the shopping centre Schaffhausen-suburban. In some cases, the supermarkets are open a half hour longer, as the Migros SH Beiringen on Saturday.

Changes to not only the customer includes friendly

in some places, the Migros but in the evening earlier and has generally shorter opening Hours. So for example, on the Spisermarkt in St. Gallen, where the Store Thursday new 20 p.m. – an hour earlier – is closed.

Problem for the customer: Migros communicates almost exclusively in the branches themselves, is what changes. An Overview it was only in the Eastern Swiss part of the Migros magazine. Who gets the house magazine of Migros, the next time you are shopping in front of closed shop doors.

The adjustments to be made at each site individually, depending on customer requirements, it means.

Migros made a great analysis in the East of Switzerland

This means that, in Eastern Switzerland, Migros customers have to inform yourself, if your master branch is also affected and the opening Hours change. Also, the store finder on the Migros website not only lists the new opening Hours, but, if something has changed.

the reason for the Changes are analyses of all Eastern Switzerland, Migros locations. These studies have shown that the customers want, depending on the branch Hours vary. “The goal is to be for the customers when they demand it,” says Dominique Lumpert, Head of the supermarkets of Migros Ostschweiz.

At the end of the Canton of

determines the differences between the city and the country have shown time and again writes of the orange giant in the media release. And also at the station, customers have other needs than in the village store, or in an urban shopping center.

But the Migros can’t experiment on a whim with the opening Hours. Because the rules for the super markets of the Canton of determined in each case. The Migros can adjust the opening Hours of the event within a cantonal predetermined bandwidth.

In Bern, is currently being investigated whether or not the Hours may be expanded for the retailers. Migros hopes that you can offer if that comes through, which is also more flexible shop opening hours.