The allegations against Damien Piller are steep: He should have farmed over the years in its own bag, from the Migros money for their own company conceded. Therefore, the Migros cooperative in a Federal criminal filed, Piller counter-sue replied. Now it looks as if the Migros Headquarters crossed the line.

Now the new Burger beat back: The Migros cooperative neuchâtel-Fribourg had commissioned two months ago, a neutral professional to take the allegations of the Migros Headquarters against the Piller under the magnifying glass. The expert says now clearly at a media conference in Freiburg, that the allegations are not entitled to.

The quarrel had become in the beginning of July public. The Migros-genossenschafts-Bund had filed a criminal complaint because of the potential for unfaithful management. “Mr. Piller, the presumption of innocence applies,” stressed the Migros at the time, but she wanted to let the facts of the case officially and independently to clarify.

The Migros don’t want to comment on the case. Piller has expressed, however, gegegenüber VIEW, see “groundlessly accused”.