Jeannine Pilloud (54) pursues a clear goal: In three weeks, so the hope of the former Head of passenger traffic at SBB, it should be triumphantly elected to the Migros President. Everything seems to be done: Migros has recommended Pilloud its delegates already for the election as the successor of the outgoing President Andrea Broggini (62). Thus, at least formally, as the favorite in the race for the prestigious office.

However, in dry cloths, the choice Pillouds is not. In addition to the former SBB-a leader, a second woman stands to choose from: Ursula Nold (49). The mother of four, works full-time as a lecturer at the Pädagogische Hochschule Bern. Although they didn’t have nearly the notoriety Pillouds, the white market media, and it is not proposed by the Migros-evaluation Board for election.

Ambitious team player

this is Exactly why Nold is underestimated in the Public. Your chances are better, however, as Pilloud can be dear. To be elected to the Migros President of the Assembly of delegates. It is precisely this body, presided Nold. You know, the regional Prince in person, know where the Shoe pinches, and can lobby, making it easy for your business. A related disadvantage for the time, an outsider Pilloud.

Several Migros Insider close to Sunday look by look: when In doubt, you put the oranges giants prefer to be on the Insider instead of a well-known name. Nold is regarded as a team player, very sociable and extremely ambitious. We Hear they have the votes from the Romandie and the Ticino. Another advantage in favor of the Pilloud-Herausfordererin: you could start on day one, the work would have to learn for a long time in the complicated Migros structures.

Loyal assistant

Nold does not want to comment with reference to the upcoming election in VIEW of the public. On the career Portal, Linkedin Nold describes himself as “an authentic and pragmatic leader with broad national economic experience and profound Know-how in the management of a company”.

What: Nold is loyal. For almost 14 years, she has worked for the University of teacher education Bern, and for more than ten years, she presided over the Assembly of delegates of the Migros. Nold stands for continuity – something appreciated by the delegates.