clearance sale at the shop of Migros. Motto: Everything must go! And as quickly as possible, in the Newsletter of the retail giant that was sent on Saturday.

“In January 2019, the M-shop will close its doors. We would like to thank all of our faithful Migros chindern, large or small.”

cult item with 50% discount

The Erdbeerglace shower curtain available for 14.95 instead of 29.90 Swiss francs, the M-Budget-Bathrobe for 14.95 francs instead of 24.90 CHF, the phone Migroji bath towel is sold for 11.95 instead of 23.90 francs. This and a good 100 other cult products of the giant oranges with discounts of up to 50 percent over the virtual counter.

the Fan Shop is Operated by Chocolat Frey AG in Buchs, a subsidiary of Migros. Why this include is not mentioned in the Newsletter.

After all, the buyer of the cult products made free advertising for Migros, the company itself long years of beautiful carbon with the merchandise sales.

No heart for Migros Fans?

the clearance sale raises questions, for example: went to the Migros, the Fans of it? As no more than “Migroschind” come out of the closet? Or, Migros has no heart for their customers?

The Migros-shop was launched in 2010 on the Internet. Then four years later with a new gig pimped: “Very popular article with the Subjects of seals, a bear and a monkey the fine Migros Glacestängeli. Hardcore Mania – Migros fans can look forward to in the Future, there are the products of current Migros to buy campaigns with symbols and figures in the M-shop,” it was said of 2014, the Relaunch of the Webshop.

the New chief returns with a rod of iron broom

Four years later, the shop is now closed. This year Fabrice Zumbrunnen the CEO Post at Migros, from the long-time CEO Herbert Bolliger. With the aim to drive the costs in the group of solid, down, and all Duplications removed. No stone should remain on another.

Several of the squad not made or were gone. In the Migros Headquarters in Zurich to be mined in the next years, 290 Jobs. Zumbrunnen not return with a rod of iron broom, like it all.

speaker: “Migros has more Fans than ever before,”

the M-shop’s fall, the new strategy for victims. “The sales in the shop were lately in decline, which is why it is with a heavy heart the closure of decided,” says Migros spokesman Luzi Weber to demand the closure.

Weber combative: “Migros has more Fans than ever – and on – and off-line!”

should be Open, whether, in the future, individual articles in other Migros formats are offered. Definitely, the days of the club are counted.

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