The aid organization SOS Méditerranée completed the deployment in the Mediterranean sea with the refugee rescue ship Aquarius. The decision had been “a series of targeted political attacks on the life-saving work of the humanitarian organization”, informed the organization in Berlin. However, they wanted to extend with another ship “as soon as possible” to new operations to save migrants.

The Doctors without borders (MSF) and SOS Méditerranée operated jointly, Aquarius is currently in the French city of Marseille, in front of the anchor. Twice the ship was deprived of the flag. Last Italian authorities accused the organization of illegal waste in Italy is disposed of, and threatened with the confiscation of the ship. The populist government in Italy has made the ports of the country for Maritime search and rescue largely tightly.

“We have reached the culmination of the criminalization of humanitarian assistance at sea. We are now compelled, by the operation of the Aquarius is not set, while European member States of their responsibility to rescue people in the Mediterranean sea meet, is an indictment of Europe,” said Verena Papke, managing Director of SOS Méditerranée Germany.

Now opportunities for a new ship should be explored. You had to rely “on the Initiative of courageous shipping companies that are willing to put a sign of solidarity.”

The Aquarius was in February 2016 and has approximately saved 30.000 migrants in the sea. Worldwide attention to the Blockade of the ship took place in the summer with hundreds of migrants on Board. At that time, the rights allowed to the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini, the boat is not in Italy create. It had to move to Spain.