1. Eat properly and drink

The current heat leads to a high loss of water and Salt. The blood is thicker and not flowing as good. In addition, it comes through expanded blood vessels to a drop in blood pressure, especially in people with low blood pressure. This can cause a headache. By contrast, helps a lot to Drink, in order to keep the amount of body fluid high. At best, in small portions, which may be taken up by the body better. Salt sticks or the like made of the same mineral loss quickly.

Hot temperatures make many to create a. The body is not running at 30 degrees is simply the normal mode. Consequently, you do not feel as powerful as usual. To the most beautiful Season nonetheless to enjoy, care should be taken to a summer-appropriate diet.


2. read more Strong temperature changes to avoid

Sudden Hot-Cold changes are made within a short period of time by more than 5 degrees, caused for example by air-conditioning systems, can also cause headaches. In these cases, you may need a jacket over your head and slowly to the new temperature get used. In any case, not directly in front of the ventilation slot of a conditioning set. This also leads to tension in the neck muscles, and consequently headaches.

3. From the sun’s light

Track protect sunlight is irritating to the brain nerve and can trigger a headache. In susceptible people even a migraine attack. Therefore be sure to wear sunglasses. The sensitive head skin, and to protect the underlying blood vessels and nerves, as well as a head covering to use.

sun is just pretty accessories are goggles, protect the eyes from harmful UV. Especially in the summer, you should, therefore, belong to the basic equipment. U.S. experts from the American Academy of Ophthalmology give six useful tips.


4. read more Perfumes use it sparingly

fragrance of sun-creams, or perfumes seem in the strong heat of intense, because they evaporate faster. In the case of smell-sensitive people, this triggers a headache. Therefore be sure to use sparingly. Also peppermint oil which helps normally good for headaches, can act, according to the experts now counter-productive.

5. Cold food slow

ice cream or iced drinks Are consumed eating too fast, the skin to the oral mucosa and on the palate, a cold stimulus cause that triggers, in turn, the so-called ice cream headache. Cold in the mouth, heating so slowly.

We are excited about the beautiful weather and the hot days that we have in our latitudes. What you can do, so you can sleep at night in spite of the high temperatures in the quiet, read here.


read more A immediate measure against headaches can be a cold pack or ice pack, wrapped in cloth in a cotton. This again and again just short of the painful hold. (aponet)