The burly resident of Russia Love Nurdinova died after decided to start a new life and lost 200 pounds. it is reported Tyumen edition 72.RU with reference to the sources.

“a Woman really died,” — said the source publication.

This information was also confirmed familiar Nurdinova.

In the family Nurdinova refused to comment on the news of her death.

It is unknown what was the cause of death. Deceased was 57 years.

Tyumenka Love Nurdinova weighed 350 kg and 18 years, and left the house. In early 2020, she decided to radically change life and put you in the hospital. Doctors successfully performed surgery to reduce the stomach: woman lost 200 pounds.

“I thought my life was over that I would die. Now I don’t want to die I want to live! I restored, then, and others can help. I haven’t left the house for 18 years, I want to dress up and go for a walk to see the city… I know that people with obesity are afraid to ask for help, well it does not need to be afraid of. Ask for help, and lose weight even by force, for themselves and their families”, – said in an interview with Love Nurdinova.

After extreme weight loss woman famous in the whole country. With her sons she went to Moscow and spoke on the air of Federal TV.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that in Novosibirsk the woman weighing 300 kg caught between the sofa and the wall.