Microsoft told about the possible consequences of updating to the latest version of Windows 10 and acknowledged the problems with the release of the update. List discovered during beta testing problems posted on the website of the company.

Microsoft engineers have asked users not to install version 2004 Windows update, if they fear of unstable operation of computers and the emergence of critical errors. At the time of this writing, on the company’s website listed 10 major mistakes that can occur after you deploy system update.

In particular, the new version of Windows could interfere with the proper simultaneous operation of two or more devices connected via Bluetooth. Also the update is incompatible with the ISST Conexant audio drivers from Synaptics, in this regard, the company has blocked the version 2004 for download on PC some users. Microsoft warned that users external SSD through a Thunderbolt port, you may see the emergence of a “blue screen of death” (BSOD) when connecting devices.

In addition, the “blue screen of death” can appear on computers running with Nvidia graphics, using the old driver. The company does not deny that after the upgrade possible problems with your network connection, including unexpected reset devices, on devices with Always Connected.

Update deployment 2004 started on may 27, at the first stage, the update can only be installed manually. Microsoft stressed that the current version of Windows 10 has been tested by beta testers group of Windows Insiders for 15 months.