suit and tie will soon remain in the closet. Instead, Urs Meier (49) to be constricted in a few months, the Brauschürze. Almost phone and computer keyboard are forgotten. “Now, it means roll up your Sleeves and physically work,” says Meier to VIEW.

By the end of the year gives Meier and his well-paid management position. For the past eight years, the family’s father is a Manager at the Coop headquarters in Basel, the last three years, he served as chief press officer. In this Position, he represented the interests of the retail giant, managed press conferences and wrote a speech for his boss Joos Sutter (55).

Soon, Meier takes over the small brewery Oberson & co. in Himmelried BL. “As press Secretary, I’ve had enough talking. Now I look forward to Silence and Brew,” jokes Smith. The Silence one may not remove the talkative Basel quite. He’s really looking forward to the new Job, however.

Meier proposes several birds with one stone,

The joy comes also, therefore, that Meier lives in himmelried. Consequently, not a day in the Basel City must commute. And that he can save as a friend of the blonde yesterday, juice and the new owner of the local chastel Bach beer.

the continued existence of The in 2005, Gilbert and Silvia Oberson, founded micro-brewery was on the Brink. For health reasons, brewer, Gilbert had to pull out of the brewery operations back. At the beginning of August, he fired up the brewing kettles for the last Time.

Meier must now quickly learn to brew. He was still an apprentice, says Urs Meier. But at the end of the year he’ll be ready. The PR professional is also the chastel Bach beer in the Coop-then, soon, shelves, probably remains wishful thinking. Because the annual emissions of its newly acquired brewery, the purchase price remains a secret – is a maximum of 10’000 liters.

In a communication from the small brewery it means that they wanted to remain a fixed Size in the Region. Sold the Beers in health food stores, bakeries, and country Inns.