a few days ago, the love sky by TV presenter Michelle Hunziker (42) and husband Tomaso Trussardi (36) seemed to be full of clouds, the Swiss-born seemed to have the duration of the laughter is lost. So I had images that showed that the Couple anschweigt, with an empty view in the area is staring.

The answer of the two to love crisis rumors are Laughing in the usual Hunziker fashion, and Cuddling. Together with their children, Sole (5) and Celeste (4) they took in the mountain group of the Dolomites, a leisurely hike, including pictures of a happy couple.

her daughters were on the hike, but less joy. “Like all children, they don’t fight like high,” writes Hunziker to a family photo the children look on Instagram where anything other than happy. But: “The children learn that they can, in order to get something, you need to run and make. The only way you can reach the summit.” (srf/klm)