So, you experienced Michelle Hunziker (41) rare! In an Interview with the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” settles the otherwise so cheerful the Bernese presenter with singer Adriano Celentano (81): What did he commanded, not, the clear Message of the TV woman go.

What had happened? Hunziker was asked, as a presenter in the new TV Show “Aspettando Adrian” on the TV station Canale 5. You said immediately. “I’m a big Fan of Celentano, and I will worship him even more as an artist,” she says. “I have firmly believed in his project, and when they had asked me, I immediately ran.” To wait

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days later, I met the musicians, then random and said to him: “Adriano, the audience wants you, and not your absence. The Fans love you.” However, it should be to change nothing – because it is the concept of the Show belong to that Celentano appears only very briefly, or not at all. But Hunziker stupid: she left the Show.

Hunziker throws Celentano sexism before

In hindsight, it is clear, to have made the right decision. Especially because of the Cartoons that will be shown. It is an integral part of the Show, which is controversial because it shows explicit sex scenes – difficult in the Catholic country of Italy.

Hunziker alleges that Celentano’s Cartoon sexism: “There is a Moment in which the animated Celentano as a super hero with two saves very sexy women that want to be tackled by a group of men and raped. As this animated Celentano comes and saves her, but says: If your a glass would have drank less, had it not been for those pesky approach these types of maybe,” says Hunziker.

Exasperated, she adds: “I was not shocked, my role and my values are not compatible with this Message.” This especially as the President of the Association of Doppia Difesa (dt. double defense), the onset for the women. “Our main message is that victims of violence feel second to none in any Form is guilty,” stresses Hunziker. (fr/wyt)