He laughs just as heartily as his famous sister: Harold Hunziker (53) celebrated this week the opening of the Italian food chain “Panino Giusto” in Geneva. An occasion, Michelle Hunziker no way miss wanted. It was not as a Star, but as a very proud sister here.

Perhaps we were just lucky. But we are hungry for life, this has always been so. Tired I will never, as long as it comes to exciting projects and I can make new experiences. My brother is to me very similar. Why would he have given up after 27 years with the same employer for a good Job, to become self-employed.

I do it every day. In Entertainment you never know exactly what will come tomorrow. That’s the beauty of a creative profession. We Hunziker love the risk, we keep reinventing ourselves. This is part of our character, otherwise it will be boring.

(To Harold) You were a great brother and like a father to me. Harold has played with me, which is, of course, for a young in age. And of course I was proud of him and have given in to the school with him. He was my center of life, because our father was a traveling professional.

came Michelle to the world, it was our father, well, he was always in the hospital. As a big brother, it was natural for me that I’m here for Michelle and you’ll walk.

We have a special past with our parents. So that we are not alone, everyone has their stories with. As children, it is not always easy, which has made us, as adults, stronger. Low blows to give a later in life the strength to always stand up again. Who is not pampered as a child only as an adult often happier. For me this is so. Because all I get today is a gift for me, and I’ve never lost the enthusiasm.

With 14 pulled Michelle to Bologna, to become a Model. When I worked for McDonald’s Italy, apart we lived only a mile. This was always based on our life situations.

The contact we have is never lost. We both have Jobs and families, because it has a little less time. But before I was with Tomaso, I spent a always the summer holidays with my brother and his family.

Since there was no contact to my family, not even to my brother. So sects now work time. That’s why it is so important to write a book about it, to share this experience with others. There are so many people that lose their center and then in the wrong circles advised. Luckily, I’m out of there and reunited with my family.