Former President of the Union of European football associations (UEFA) Michel Platini was, as reported by the Prosecutor’s office of Switzerland suspected of complicity in the forgery, misappropriation and criminal negligence. Mr. Platini is on the case of another former top officials, former President of the International football Federation (FIFA) 84-year-old Sepp Blatter. In the list of claims to the latter — payout Michel Platini in 2011, $2 million, for which the Frenchman had no right. Note that Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter have received for their actions long-term disqualification and lost their posts. But the story of $2 million, which became the cornerstone of a Grand corruption scandal that hit football world five years ago, they did not let go.The Swiss prosecutors, leading the investigation against the former President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, a suspect in several episodes of corruption, said that the case was under investigation. Talking about the ex-President of UEFA Michel Platini. The authorities informed him that he now officially passes on the case as a suspect. Mr. Platini is charged with complicity in fraud, misappropriation of funds and criminal negligence.The basis of the suspicion was based on the story that became public in 2015, when the world burst into a loud corruption scandal. Then, as a result of military operations was arrested a number of senior functionaries of FIFA. Soon Sepp Blatter, head of FIFA since 1998, lost his post and was removed from the activity associated with football for eight years (later the period of suspension was reduced to two years). Lost the post of UEFA President Michel Platini. He was accused of receiving from FIFA 2 million Swiss francs (about $2 million) illegal payments.As follows from materials made public in 2017, the court of arbitration for Sports (CAS), in which Mr Blatter tried unsuccessfully to challenge his disqualification in 1999 when he was invited by Michel Platini to the post of adviser (he held it until 2002), the parties agreed that the salary of the latter should be 1 million francs per year. However, the contract was signed only 300 thousand francs a year, ostensibly to avoid a situation in which the salary of the adviser of the President will be higher than the salary of the Secretary-General of FIFA. Michel Platini’t thought about what FIFA needs him until 2010. But after he became aware that two high-ranking FIFA official Jerome champagne and URS Linzi received millions in “Golden parachutes” at dismissal, he demanded money. It is noteworthy that he asked for only 2 million francs, though, assuming that he was underpaid for 700 thousand francs over four years, the size of the debt was 2.8 million francs. Witham Michel Platini explained such discrepancies forgetfulness. The money was paid to him by the personal order of Sepp Blatter. It looked suspicious because the payment happened soon after Blatter was re-elected for another term, and Platini, regarded as his strongest competitor, withdrew from the elections.By Michel Platini, has already served a suspension (which he is appointed, an eight-year term was later reduced by half), responded to the change of their status in the investigation by stating that “full confidence in Swiss justice again and peacefully surrenders his hands”. He also said that he considers it quite possible that “FIFA will haunt him to prevent his return to football activities.” FIFA really insists on continuing the investigation at least in respect of Sepp Blatter (in addition to episode with the participation of Mr. Platini, he also suspected of illegal payments to football Association of Trinidad and Tobago, led by the infamous Vice-President of FIFA Jack Warner), and expresses its commitment to punish the perpetrators.Note that Michel Platini is probably used to the fact that is involved in the legal process or proceedings in disciplinary body. Over the past five years, he managed to appear before the ethics Committee of FIFA, CAS, the European court of human rights.Alexander Petrov