The relationship of Michael Wendler (47) and Laura (19) always makes for conversation. The age difference of 28 years, is many a thorn in the eye. Already at the beginning of the relationship speculated about how long it takes for the two to be separate. After the two are now together, however, and even the Trash TV-show”, The summer home of the Stars” have survived, you want to make the next step now.

In your Instagram Story Laura Müller was now back to the questions of their Followers. As one of your followers wanted to know if you talk with the pop star is already on the starting a family, she replied: “Yes, we want to start in the next few years, a family.”

Wendler wants to follow a boy

After it is already drawn in July to your sweetheart in the USA, thus further milestones of your love. Also the Wendler dreams from the common offspring with Laura, and also reveal which sex should have his next child. “I would like to have a boy. So a small Wendler. Mega”, had declared the father of a 17-year-old daughter a few months ago.

in June, it was speculated if Laura is pregnant. At the time, Michael Wendler has been seen purchasing baby clothes. (Bang/bnr)