Actually, Michael Wendler (47) and Laura (18) leave no opportunity to celebrate publicly their love. After a year of relationship, dark clouds seem to be now, but for the first time about the happiness of the crooner and the student to raise. The reason is that Wendler feels in the second row is pushed.

“With me saying,”

Laura was able to build up at Instagram through the relationship with the “she loves the DJ”singer a Fan base by 133’000 followers, can earn as Influencerin money and is seen on TV. The glory, the envy, can not treat of Wendler and his girlfriend apparently. “There are a number of requests for Laura, unfortunately, only for Laura and not for me. For me, nobody,” he says, compared to RTL. “How do you feel?” The Wendler beefed up further: “it’s been bugging me, on the one hand, because I feel so unloved and unused.” He adds: “But I am, of course, for Laura.”

she started the relationship, a new life. As she reveals in the case of Instagram, the 18-Year-old is now definitely at your loved one in Florida (USA). And she plans to continue her future: “It is now already in the area, where you can earn money, and where countless requests come in for any type of advertising. It’s a lot of stuff in the works, and it will come soon the time,” she explains.

When Sex Wendlers music

In a running Laura and Michael Wendler agree: Both like to talk uninhibited about themselves and also about their intimate life. On the question of whether you listen to during Sex music, says Wendler: “It belongs to, if one is intimate. It is also time that a title running from me.” Recently, Laura revealed that she experienced her first Time with the 29-year-older singer who is also your first friend. (kad)