Michael Wendler (46) and Laura (18) have big plans: In Interviews, the two languages of your choice from the Children’s and wedding intentions. Now you have taken the next step in their love: The singer has finally met the father of his young girlfriend. The Meeting took place on the outskirts of Wendlers concert in Oberhausen (D), as “RTL”. And was really positive.

“He was super sweet. We embraced, he has to give me to heart and I says to him,” the “Goodbye Germany”participants. “Better it can not run.”

About Laura, too, was relieved very. Finally, she has not told in the run-up to “Goodbye Deutschland” that her father was not thrilled by her new boyfriend. A joint Meeting he had hit before even. One can understand his doubts, finally, Laura’s father is two years younger than the singer. Wendler and his girlfriend is a age difference of 28 years.

“she might be my wife”

in Addition, is likely to Laura’s father, also the many headlines about the relationship of the two to read. The last of the Wendler cared about talking, he dressed, had his young girlfriend in a Video easy motorcycle cleaning.

On Instagram, the musician has suffered so much criticism. The excerpts from the Video have been referred to as a “Porn-rotation à la Wendler��. The Wendler even the negative comments don’t bother. “I fell in love with Laura, she loves me, and we allow ourselves to be anything or anyone, our love is broken,” he says. And even goes a step further: “at some point, will have used the last of it, that she’s my girlfriend and maybe even my wife.” (klm)

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