Mick Schumacher made in Bahrain, his first steps in formula 1. In the Tests, he impressed in the Ferrari and Alfa-Clean. Apparently, it was the great desire of his father Michael that he can accompany him on the way in the Premier class. And as a Manager. The longtime Manager Willi Weber says Michael Schumacher’s long-in an Interview with “Motorsport-Total”.

Weber revealed that he was “a couple of Times” with Michael and Mick on the go-kart track. Schumi junior experienced at the time of his beginnings in Motorsport. Weber’s impression of Michael was anxious to bring the boys in the formula 1. “And manage him, how I used to managed it. That would have been the end result from the whole story. This would have pleased him very much.”

Schumi wanted to trudge Mick in his footsteps, to lead

Schumi was excited by the idea that his son starts a career in Motorsport, and tries to step into his big footsteps. “He has promoted the active,” Weber said.

That Schumi would have everything Necessary had to be clear. “Michael knows everything. With what team, he must speak, he knows how everything goes. Because he has made the experience all by yourself. That was his desire.”

Name Schumacher a burden for Mick

the 20-year-old Mick in the formula 2 suggests How, Weber impressive: “Mick has to bear with this father, a severe load. If you compare him with Michael and says: “The name of Schumacher, the need to bring the same result as his father.”” It is a giant to be a burden for Mick.

Weber believes that it would be different if Michael Schumacher could still be on the side of his son. “All of this would have been a very different symbolism. But now Mick represents in the eyes of the people, Mainly his father. That is the Problem. Because everyone compares all say, the need to bring the same results.”

Weber has implemented no contact to the family Schumacher

The plans of Michael Schumacher were due to the serious skiing accident in 2013, of course, never in the act.

Weber has for years, lost contact with the family of Schumacher and is pissed that he can to the hospital bed of his former protege. Long before the accident of the Superstars themselves Schumi had separated from Weber and dedicated Sabine Kehm as a Manager. (sme)