Already as Michael Summer, as many danes probably remember from ‘Married at first sight’, were leaving to participate in a new realityprogram, he knew that something was wrong.

“I just had the urge to drop it, when I landed,” he says to B. T. on his participation in the ‘Ex on the beach.’

He had met a girl named Maria, before he took off, and it was, therefore, he had not the great need for partying and meeting other girls.

He has on Tuesday posted an update up on his instagram profile, where he reveals that even though it may not show up in the program, so there was a very specific reason to, he went home.

“the Team (who make ‘Ex on the beach’ red.) tried to get in me and get me in the festive mood, and I’m the type who is easy to lure,” says Michael Sommer.

Anyway, it could not keep. He found out that he had to go home and be seen with Maria again.

“as soon As I got my phone, so I called her and said that I loved her, and told her how I had had it, while I had been away.”

the Couple has been together for four months now, he says. They are moved together in his home on west zealand.

So even though the program works, he will be sent home by the tablet, so there were things in the process, as people not so. He had hold of one from the team who make the programme.

‘I therefore choose to call a organise up in microfonen, to tell my situation, I quickly pulled out of the program, when I told it. They had, fortunately, a full understanding of the same, but says, however, it must be the tablet, that should throw me out, so it does,’ writes Michael Summer on his Instagram.

He said to B. T., that the team behind the production had the understanding that he wanted to go home to Maria, and that they had told him that it was also, as the program could be used for.

Now he talks about his exit, because he will have the truth on the table. He would be home early, because he wanted to belong to Maria, as he already got to see in the airport, when she came and picked him up.