This requirement does not apply to business financing and organization, which in one form or another owned by the state. On the eve of the entry of the new claims because they still were not ready to fulfill approximately 20% of ICC, said the Director of the SRO “Mir” Elena Stratieva. Basically it is a small regional ICC, so if they left, the impact on the market as a whole will not be critical, she said.

“If we talk about consumers, in several regions and small settlements may be a problem with financial inclusion, as it is often such companies are virtually the only real creditors. In this regard, a very important work of law enforcement bodies to temporarily formed a niche not filled out illegal lenders,” notes Stratieva.

the legislation necessary changes that would further strengthens the responsibility for illegal lenders, stated at the end of June, Central Bank head Elvira Nabiullina. According to her, the number of pseudocreators decreased in 2019 at 20%. In addition, a ban was imposed on microcredit mortgages, she said.

Also last year dropped to half the maximum amount of payments that the MFI can require the debtor and the daily rate microzyme July 2019, cannot exceed 1%.