Mexico once again showed a record number of people infected with coronavirus for days. It amounted to 2.4 thousand.

It is the most powerful day increase since the beginning of the pandemic the number of infected in the country has reached more than 51 thousand people. Died of coronavirus an additional 155 patients, said at a press conference, Deputy Minister of health Hugo lópez-Gatel.

"In Mexico at 51 633 were COVID since the beginning of the epidemic 28 Feb, 11 300 people showed symptoms in the last 14 days is the active part of the epidemic", — quotes the official El Norte.

However, he noted that these data indicate the high activity of the epidemic. The number of active cases over the past day has increased by 195, the number of fatal 155. Only in Mexico, died 5 332 patients. Under suspicion of a coronavirus found 29 933, the number investigated powiatow is 177 133.

To resume activity after the quarantine began, about 200 municipalities, which are called “municipalities of hope” due to the fact that there are no cases of coronavirus, and there is no contamination from the neighbors. Mexican authorities expect to reduce the epidemiological burden on uh Oh week.

Earlier reported that Roberto Velasco Alvarez, press Secretary of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, has contracted coronavirus infection.