Mexico has awarded a total of 614 humanitarian visas to migrants from Central America. The people, who were mainly from Honduras, in the direction of the United States, received a work permit, informed the Mexican government. In a job market migrants had been with local companies that have Vacancies. At the same time, had been organized in the framework of the work placement, the application for the Visa.

The groups of migrants from Central America had made a few weeks ago on the way in the direction of US – primarily from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They are fleeing from violence, misery and economic Hardship in their homeland and want to ask in the United States for asylum. According to the interior Ministry, roughly 8,200 people from Central America are in Mexico currently. In the largest migrant accommodation in Tijuana, approximately 5,700 people were last.

On Sunday, it was at a border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico to a meeting with the U.S. customs and border protection came. Hundreds of migrants moved to Tijuana at the border post in San Ysidro and El Chaparral. Around 50 migrants climbed on a sheet metal wall, which is on Mexican territory before the US border wall. US security forces shot tear gas onto the Mexican side. The Mexican foreign Ministry called then for an investigation of the incident. US President, Donald Trump has defended the use of tear gas by the border guards.

Mexico is contrary agreement with the US

On Saturday the US government had announced a supposed agreement with Mexico. Accordingly, asylum-seekers would stay during the examination of your application by US courts in Mexico. The designated Mexican interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero objected to this representation. It had been closed as “no contract of any kind” between the future government of Mexico and the United States, informed your office in a statement.

Trump had made prior to the congressional elections in the United States at the beginning of November, the migrants from Central America to a major issue. He spoke of an impending “Invasion” and the migrants as a high risk. Trump sent several Thousand soldiers to the border to support the border guards. Critics accused the President of inciting aware of the Fears and election campaign purposes, excessive use of the military to the region.