Donald Trumps wall plans on the border with Mexico are for three years duration, subject in the United States. First, the U.S. President promised that the neighbouring land for the border wall will compensate. “I’m going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it,” was an infamous sentence, the Trump in the election campaign of 2016, is always repeated.

In his first two years in office became clear, however, that the Mexicans have no real desire to Finance the U.S. border wall. “No, Senor Trump,” it was said again and again, from Mexico city. Trump didn’t care, pushed through the financing of its most important election promise in February with a state of emergency Declaration. Checkout the American taxpayers will be asked.

Mexicans steal wires

But now it gets really ironic: Mexicans in the border town of Tijuana to have stolen parts of the wall. Officials reported to the “KUSI-TV”, that 15 to 20 people arrested. They had stolen the wires from the border fence, and security-conscious homeowner in Tijuana sold.

Means acuminate: Trump and the Americans pay for the private protections of the Mexicans.

U.S. troops installed the fences last November at the Urging of Trump, because he was Worried about the so-called migrants-caravan from Central America. The White house even the barbed wires associated with the wall plans.

barbed wire for two francs

The story goes, in the USA, viral, was by the security officer of Tijuana, meanwhile, confirmed. He told the “San Diego Union-Tribune”: “We have found that the barbed wire was installed in the border area, is not present.” The arrested are to be mainly Mexican.

A woman with the razor-sharp fence and gained the material for the security of your home, to the newspaper the price: 40 Pesos. The equivalent of two francs.

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