extortion, abuse and even rape are serious allegations, which are against the celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde (33) and Timur Emek in the room.

The ball rolling in the case of Hyde, the American student Sunnaya Nash is brought in on Monday. The photographer who had, among others, Ariana Grande (26) or Kim Kardashian (38) in front of the lens, searched on Sunday by Instagram Story young Models for a photo shoot. When Nash reported it, urging the Americans to send him in exchange for his services as a photographer in the Nude pictures. When she refused, in front of him to undress, he asked for the shoot, suddenly, in 2000 dollars.

“I am deeply saddened and disappointed”

Since the well-known fashion Blog “Diet Prada” the story on Instagram shared, sign in, more and more women with similar horror stories about Hyde. A Model reported that Hyde wanted to make out during a shoot of Sex. A different Model he had touched in the genital area.

Meanwhile, expressed also Kim Kardashian, described by Hyde before as a “good friend” to the allegations. “I am deeply sad and disappointed,” writes the Social Media Queen. “I am completely behind any woman and your right, never harassed or pressured to do things that the would like to.” Hyde has long been regarded as the favorite photographer of the Kardashians went with the celebrity family, even in the holidays.

For Ariana Grande are the allegations of “heart fracturing and shocking”: “Please look out for each other.”

Serious allegations against Berlin-based photographer

In the Wake of the vote against Hyde, a second Celebrity photographer has been made to the Online pillory. The Berlin-based fashion photographer Timur Emek is accused of being on a “Diet Prada” to have girls to Nude photo shoots pushed. “He took about three photos of me, before he suddenly pulled my Top down,” says the fashion blogger Haley Bowman. “Then he took my Hand and led it to his erect Penis. As I joined him, he pulled me even closer to himself.”

The Model Julia Francina he had promised to bring her career to roles in exchange for “some Fun”. And a Model who wants to remain anonymous, describes the Account of the fashion Blogs that Emek is to have them raped.

The New York-based photographer has made his own Instagram Account is now private. (klm)