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Olver, hear you me?

the Prime minister called up ordførarar Olver Grotle (H) and kommuneleiinga in Sunnfjord municipality. Also the municipalities Hemsedal, Norway and Tromsø was with.

– It is a very special situation we are in, she says, from the Prime minister’s office, where she sat together with the health minister Bent Tall (H).

the Goal with by video conference was to get to know how the municipalities have it no. Several themes have come up.

Challenges with us is probably a bit like that of the other municipalities. We are lacking the test equipment, and so we have a special glance at them who are not in kindergarten and school, and who have greater challenges and have more unsafe than others, said the appointed interim mayor Olver Grotle in Norway.

IN the LED: Here, sit them out of the Sunnfjord municipality who got be with at the meeting.

Photo: Steinar Lote / NRK Turmoil for the business community

He explains that the municipality still has not been published in a precarious situation yet, but said they must not forget those who are sick.

– We assumed that the number of ill and serious disease will rise.

Grotle is also worried about the business.

The debt of the small and medium-sized enterprises, which now experience droughts on income and new orders and fighting for survival. It can be almost not understrekast enough how serious this is, especially if it becomes long-lasting. Then will the whole country get major challenges.

mayor t. søviknes: Olver Grotle would among other things, to have answers on the measures in the business sector.

Photo: Benedikte Rough / NRK Want accurate measures

He believes it is important that the government measures that may help on the situation.

I hope the government are working on this and have accurate measures, but I think we just need to realize that when so many næringsdrivande and so many bransjar not have income, we go towards a situation with bankruptcies.

– We have been a part measures and it has been a help in, but would like more accurate measures. When things lie a little bit, so one must build in tiltakspakkar that provides bransjane work.

Looking for good solutions

LEIA MEETING: Erna Solberg sat on the Prime minister’s office.

Photo: NRK

the Prime minister said they look at the album marked the first time to give direct support to some of the companies that have had to close down.

– We have all the time said that we started with a few measures and then, as we work with others. One of the measures we look at, is direct support to a part of the companies that have had to close. But we need to find a scheme that can praktiserast.

Solberg thanked

In the course of the meeting thanked the Solberg all they that make an extra effort.

– I want to say thank you for the work that all they do, and all the others in the municipal sector. It is a very special situation we are in. It has been demanding.

We must make high impact priorities to make it the most now, but I am so impressed by the efforts that are being made. It is important with the older ones and they omsorgstrengande, that they get good help. This is something we need to coordinate ourselves even better.

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