In the heart of Paris, Messika jewelry Studio vintage craftsmanship coexists with the graphic design and modern techniques, creating a Union of jewelry traditions and technical innovation. Founder of the brand Valerie Messika, a big fan of colored diamonds, believes that these bright, eternal, rare stones create a platform for creativity to the designer, who can appreciate their beauty.Fine jewelry is a team work, passion and skills not available in any other field of human activity. For the name of the designer is a giant active beehive where different professions unite to give life to unique jewelry, the creation of which can take thousands of hours of work.In the jewelry collection of fine jewelry with colored diamonds, many rings, there is a choker and long necklace, sets, bracelets and monasery.I especially want to mention the Toi & Moi ring with a blue diamond or two heart-shaped, yellow and rose 3.46 and of 7.06 carats respectively. Necklace and earring M-Rainbow with diamonds of different cuts and colors, from yellow and green, to purple, pink and orange. Rings with pink diamond Kite, Toi & Moi, Desert Bloom and Pink choker Temptation. Rings with yellow diamond Radiant Sun Kiss and Firebird. Set of choker, monasery and Fire Diamonds bracelet or necklace and monasery Cushion Lasso with yellow diamonds. They all emphasize the high expertise of Messika in finding diamonds and creating jewelry with these sparkling jewels.