you are coming from refugee-hostile circles. The Schema is always the same: Someone has observed that at an aerodrome at night, machinery with many of the refugees have arrived, which have been transported by Bus.

No night flights with refugees in Merseburg

In social networks, these messages are spread. According to Altenburg and Cochstedt such rumors came up for Merseburg. For example, the Braunsbedraer AfD-councillor Marcel woods on Facebook claimed, also addressed to the MZ, in Merseburg with the help of the Bundeswehr refugees are introduced.

“I can exclude”, says Eberhard Luger, Chairman of the Merseburg air sports Association, which operates the special country place. Only in the Bright flown will. “A night flight operation there is not.” He looks for larger machines a practical Problem.

Braunsbedraer AfD-the city Council on Demand not accessible

Which could land on the short rail, but not start. Also the hall of the circle are neither nocturnal flight movements of the corresponding new arrivals of refugees known. He also points out that the Federal since 18. March was even exposed to the images of refugees from the Resettlement program.

the forest was for Ask not reachable. Also the rumors of Cochstedt and Altenburg proved to be baseless. With the Thuringian airport, at least, activities: There, VW is setting up a warehouse for its plant in Zwickau. (mz)

This article was written by Robert Briest

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