do not think of your party that driving bans are usually relatively, when the limit values for nitrogen dioxide are exceeded only in a small extent, she said on Sunday evening after a meeting of the CDU leadership bodies. According to her party wants to change the laws.

In many cities, such as Frankfurt, Berlin or Stuttgart, the air is overloaded with pollutants. In many Places, the limit value for nitrogen dioxide is exceeded. It can irritate respiratory tract and eyes, lung function, interfere with or lead to cardiovascular disease. Diesel cars are a major cause for the limit value is exceeded at traffic-related measurement. In several cities threaten to court driving bans for older Diesel judgments.

Diesel-driving bans: dispute over interpretation of the limit value not exceeded

Controversial both driving bans are, however, solely on the basis of these Overruns – the prohibitions in the EU in this Form, actually unique as well as the proportionality in view of the fact that the air stress goes on for years, in real terms and does not rise. Among medical professionals of the danger of oxides of nitrogen in the breathing air is also controversial. While some of the lower limits demand and a major health risk see, keep other make the discussion for panic and point to considerably more generous limit values in the USA or Switzerland. The amount of air pollutants in Germany (in the example, nitrogen dioxide) Federal environment Agency has decreased significantly in recent years. However, it still exceeds limits – it has a direct in the inner cities, the transport sector, with a significant share

"The automotive industry has really destroyed a massive trust"

With a view to manipulated emission tests, the transition to cleaner cars and the installation of new catalytic converters in older Diesel Cars, said Merkel, you stand at the side of the car owner. No financial loss should be incurred. You see a "very large extent" the car industry in the responsibility. "Because the automotive industry has really massively destroyed confidence, and therefore, you must make a contribution, this restore".

The coalition government had recently agreed on a package of new measures for the 14 heavily polluted cities, the drive to avert bans due to dirty air. It provides, among other things, incentives for buying new cars, more old Diesel from the streets. In addition, the engine to be retrofit for older cars, allows the fundamental Commitments of the car manufacturers are missing but still.

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