The number of new infections are among is no longer rising so quickly, many of the Treatment areas for intensive care patients are free. And Germany is in comparison to most other countries. So: let’s get out of the Corona-cuffs, free motion for free citizens? If only it were that simple. Before tomorrow’s Unlock with the Chancellor, the decision-makers are looking for in the state offices of the countries according to their attitude. It is likely that at the end of the weakest links determine how it goes with the entire chain.

Because, the intent is Clear, consistent signals to her to. How it will be after the 20. April is not supposed to be in Hamburg, is fundamentally different than in Stuttgart is used in schools, shops or travelling.

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The goal: A solution for all the

And so there is a message that resounds in these days of (almost) all the tubes. There will always and always be reminded, urged and reminded that it is morning to give a “unified decision”. A layer for all. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn has done it, his Cabinet colleague Anja Karliczek, the CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp – Karrenbauer. From NRW Minister Armin Laschet warned “not alone”. And so on. Since it is safe to assume that there is a conductor for this political chorus vocals: Angela Merkel.

Together, out together. Even as Merkel and the Minister of interior and Minister President on 1. April decided to further tightening of the Corona-pads, was the announcement clear as glass. Could it be that countries that look particularly good, move forward and in front of the other to loosen? The answer of the Chancellor: “no.” You wanted to go out “as the Federal Republic of Germany together”. Merkel was pleased that “all the Prime Minister” had spoken out against a “patchwork” and for common action. The situation had to be “everywhere so that the pandemic can Happen, so to speak, from the health system managed”.

The most Vulnerable in the view

The most important perspective is therefore the views of the Vulnerable. The Slowest determine the pace of the troop. There is no locomotive for the pandemic train.

on The topic of weaknesses and Weak it is to say, in fact, a lot of things. In a care facility in Rümpel (Schleswig-Holstein) have just been tested only 72 people a positive effect on the Coronavirus. In a Hamburg institution, the situation is similarly dramatic. In many clinics, so many are intensive care beds empty as ever. At the same time, but there are remote places where the path for the ventilation in case of emergency, would be much too far. And while, in most countries, the Trend in new infections are among is on the decline, he is in Bayern, Hessen, and Berlin, for example, is still about the same.

Söder warns of “outdoing the competition”

in Short: There are still considerable risks. It is especially such notes, the get to hear, who wants to take a day before the crucial phone of the Chancellor unlock with the heads of government of the countries of an image are.

in Bavaria, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder (CSU), is likely to enjoy the solidarity of his colleagues. He warns namely a “outdoing the competition” at the Corona-Exit. It Söder from would be evil, if other vorpreschten and it would be highly risky. Counterpart as Malu Dreyer (SPD) from Rheinland-Pfalz or Winfried Kretschmann (Green) from Baden-Württemberg also dampen some of the high expectations for tomorrow’s Meeting. The fear that almost all of the combines: a second wave of Infection.

Everyone has “his” team of experts

In Bavaria, there is a team of professionals in NRW, but also, for example, in Schleswig-Holstein there is one. The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has submitted to Easter in your opinion, for an Exit strategy, which is not to be called “Exit strategy”, because an exit is in sight and it’s just steps in the right direction.

And since Merkel has referred to this Committee Recently, as a “very important”, look here are some closer. The Leopoldina-recommendation: schools should start soon, subject to conditions again. Wherever people come close, it should Mask requirement apply.

Or regional measures?

Ironically, by the experts of the Leopoldina, however, signals that show where the limit of unity might be reached to come at the same time: “In regions with low infection rates and low proliferation potential could be eased restrictive measures, possibly also specific to individual groups of people,” says the paper. The objective is, “the expected recurring regional Cluster, in which infections occur temporally and spatially clustered, to detect as early as possible and through a tailor-made regional measures to resolve”.

How now, “tailored regional policies” to the prayer mill-like to required consistency to match, not obvious to the lay in. An Insider of a state government, says it this way: “The medicine is the same everywhere, but the dose could be chosen differently.”

“Virus eats federalism”? Tend not.

Just for students is a Germany-wide uniform universal solution is impossible because curricula, examination and vacation dates are completely different. Simple organizational hurdles need to be taken. In Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, about the students were already written in the Abi-tests, as the Corona began to peak phase. In Schleswig-Holstein, the first baccalaureate exams start on 21. April – under strict security precautions. In Bavaria, all the dates, even the holidays are, considerably later. Such hurdles obviously also think Laschet, if he chooses the phrase “flexibility in fundamental Accord”.

So: The target of the Leopoldina, that elementary school students return possible as the first in the schools could be taken over. Only: when will that be, decided by local experts. A maneuver “Virus eats federalism” does not take place in any case.

The external pressure is high heads do not need to find tomorrow, only clear rules, but, above all, a clear communication of these rules.

The economic wing of the Union increased, meanwhile, the pressure. The Chairman of the SME Union (MIT), Carsten Linnemann (CDU), calls for the tomorrow’s Meeting “a clear Exit timetable”. We must now determine, “in what stages and under what conditions shops, Restaurants, schools and authorities, but also borders to be opened, the means of transport are used, and also private and professional Meetings can take place”. There is a need for an entry date as of which it is – “brake, albeit with a tightened hand” – re-leaving. It is not decisive whether the the 20. or the 27. April was emphasized Linnemann.

Kretschmer: “Less restrictions after the age of 20. April”

Saxony’s Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer (CDU) sees light at the end of the tunnel. The hospitals have increased their capacity, there is more Tests. Now, you could decide about further steps. “We want to have an easing in the areas, the socially and economically most important,” says Kretschmer. The highest priority of the protection of health as before. “We will not without, but with less restrictions after the age of 20. April can live.“

That sounds almost like a little promise.

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