It was “important that things be done quickly and swiftly implemented, because of the criminal activities run in all areas and it is necessary to act,” said Merkel on Friday in the Nigerien capital Niamey at the end of her three-day visit to the Sahel region.

Europe will show with the (civilian) EUCAP Mission, in spite of different police traditions, a practice-oriented cooperation to the training of nigrischer forces, Merkel said during a visit to the EUCAP-Sahel-Niger Headquarters in Niamey. Germany allows you to 2018, together with the Netherlands, the establishment of such a company.

You will have in 2020 a second company. The Chancellor praised the clear ideas of the Nigerien government, how many mobile police companies to which locations would be necessary. Germany and Europe could fill out these ideas very well.

EUCAP show the need to have in the fight against illegal Migration and especially smuggling of drugs and weapons, a well – equipped police, “because of the smugglers and the tractor are of course equipped also technically very good,” said Merkel. Just the smuggling of drugs there is a close interlinking of many African States. “Here, the cooperation needs to be further expanded.”

The Chancellor also praised the good cooperation with the International organization for Migration, for example, barracks, buildings for the police to organize units.

The EUCAP Sahel Niger Mission had been launched in 2012. The troupe currently counts 120 European members, including 8 German. Add to this the nearly 60 local employees. The Mission is to support the Niger police, national guard and Gendarmerie in the fight against Organised crime and terrorism.

Merkel had traveled in the Sahel Region, as a sign of support in the fight against the increasing Islamist terrorism in the tri-border region of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. The violence radiates to the whole Region.

A EUCAP analyst said during a visit to the Chancellor, so far, the Islamist terrorist groups in Niger are not rooted yet. Their activities came from the border regions of the neighbouring countries of Mali and Burkina Faso.

On Thursday, Merkel had made a short detour to the around 850 soldiers of the German contingent of the UN stabilization mission, Minusma on the North malischem base Camp Castor. The use is considered to be the currently most dangerous of the German armed forces in the world.

late Thursday evening, Merkel said the Nigerien President, Mahamadou Issoufou, with additional financial injections in the areas of safety, health, and development to help Niger from slipping into violence and instability. Merkel Issoufou estimates because of its determination in the fight against terrorism and the instability in his country.

Issoufou drew a positive balance-sheet of the struggle against illegal Migration. Until recently, 100’000 to 150’000 refugees and migrants in the year were withdrawn by the Niger. Now you have taken the tractor fixed and their vehicles seized. Now 5000 to 10’000 refugees, and migrants per year by the country – travelled to a reduction to one-tenth.

Germany, intends to increase largely implemented resettlement programme for 300 refugees, mostly from Eritrea and Somalia, again 300 seats.

in collaboration with the UN refugee Agency, UNHCR, realized action it comes to women and men who are stranded in Libya. They are selected by the UN Organisation and to Niger. In humans, it is assumed that you will get a German refugee status.