German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that certain forces both inside and outside Europe, in the context of a pandemic would like to split the EU.

"of Course, there are forces outside of Europe who do not want to see the EU as a strong. We face it every day, when we oppose each other through specific digital mechanisms, social networks," Merkel said Monday at a press conference after negotiations with President of France Emmanuel Macron.

"is also within Europe people who say: "We do not want a strong Europe, we see our future in nation-States," she said.

"Therefore, the time of such crises is a time of struggle, so to speak," – added the Chancellor.

According to her, "Germany and France are here to stand up for the European idea". Merkel did not specify what powers she has in mind.

Earlier on Monday the representative of the Cabinet of Germany Ulrike Demmer noticed that the government is aware of the criticism and debate around the measures taken by the authorities in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, but does not accept misinformation and dissemination, including social networks, about information.

"No place for extremist views, false information, misleading messages, wherever they came," she said.

"whoever knowingly disseminates false information about the pandemic coronavirus, wants to split and to push people to each other," said Demmer.