“We believe that the extraterritorial sanctions of the kind that are going to introduce US, don’t fit our ideas about law and current consultations (with Washington – approx. “RG”). The construction is complicated. Nevertheless, we still believe that it is proper to finish this project. And act in this direction”, – said Merkel.

she considered it “Nord stream-2” “economic project that has political views,” and once again confirmed the intention of Berlin to conclude a contract with Ukraine, which, according to the Chancellor, should remain a transit country for Russian gas.

earlier, the company Nord Stream AG 2 Agency TASS reported that the alleged damage caused by the new restrictive measures of the USA against companies that invested in the final stage of construction of the pipe will be about 700 million euros. The sanctions may relate to more than 120 companies from 12 countries. In addition, under the blow will be around € 12 billion that has already been invested in transportation infrastructure, including in Germany and the Czech Republic.