Merkel called the pandemic is the most serious challenge since the creation of Germany

According to the Chancellor, “there is still a long time to live with this virus… raises the question of how to prevent the virus is not defeated health system”.

Merkel Also noted that the current pandemic has shown that protective clothing and safety must be their own. “It is not good when protective clothing is sourced from distant countries,” she said.

in addition, the Chancellor believes that to accurately assess the economic losses of Germany and the timing of recovery of its economy is not yet possible.

“How big will the losses end of the year, how long they will be stored and when recovery can begin, we can’t say. It depends on our success in countering the virus,” she said and urged people “to suffer” because “it is a long distance, it is impossible to expend all the strength and to lose breath.”

According to her, the weakening of the insulation measures of the individual Federal States of Germany is not the best idea. “Of course, I fully support the right of the länder to take decisions… Our Federal order is strong, but I see my duty is to warn. Let’s not jeopardize what has been achieved. It would be unfortunate if a hasty hope eventually we will be punished.”

Merkel said that the who, which actively serves the Washington, accusing the organization of concealing data about the pandemic coronavirus, “is an indispensable partner”, and the FRG supports its mandate.

the Chancellor said that Germany must be prepared to significantly increase contributions to the budget of the EU for a limited period, “because we want all European countries to recover in terms of the economy”.

the Opposition, particularly the right “Alternative for Germany” (AfD), criticized a number of measures of the German government and called for the gradual withdrawal of quarantine restrictions.

Insulation measures were introduced in Germany from March 16, March 23 closed most of the stores, services companies and public institutions of all assignments, including religious ones. Since April 20 was allowed to open some shops and service enterprises with an area of 800 square meters. Residents can go outside to travel to work, for shopping, for sports and walks. Picnics banned public places can be visited a maximum of two.