one can be fooled: After the 2020 lossummende Mercedes EQV “only” a power version of the well-known V-class, expect the auto industry for the prior EQA and EQE next EQ with a “normal”, only by battery-electric S-class. And now this: Mercedes is serious and shows as IAA-world premiere in Frankfurt am Main (D) of the Mercedes Vision EQS to go next year as EQS in series and is quite different than the “normal” S-class.

A Symbol of the turning point, similar to the Porsche of the Taycan: For decades, the S-class is the flagship of the brand, as well as scale, and best-seller in the luxury car League. Even a “normal” new S-class comes in 2020. But also 2020 (Premiere, delivery, well-2021) the expected EQ, the S is expected to replace class as the Top model and the image carrier.

electric frees up space

As the first electric Mercedes is using the EQ of the new E-group platform EVA2 (the electric SUV EQC looks independently, but still based on the GLC-Chassis). Appearance is likely. the EQ is almost like the Vision of EQS: clear surfaces, coupé-like roofline, long wheelbase and a lot of space in the interior Instead of a dashboard, there’s pleasure gardens behind the Wheel, in which information is projected. With four luxurious individual seats and a XL-Monitor, complemented by Displays in the doors – this is the next-Generation IT-Infotainment.

closing with real leather

by the Way, it is not only emission-free but also vegan: customer leather order really. Instead, there are flamed maple as the wood decor and seat upholstery from micro-fiber, which is made from recycled PET bottles. The leather Look is animal skin, the roof lining with a textile covered, the part of the ocean-waste Plastic.

Blue autonomously

is the name of The 24-inch wheels dürftens hardly in the series, nor the arg playful, from 229 Mercedes-stars, existing LED light band at the rear. However, the spotlight: HD video projector with two holographic lenses can warning Symbols with 500 individually controllable LED holograms – about – almost on the road project. Sounds futuristic, but there is something similar already in the Maybach S-class. Also, the radiator grille with 940 blue LED is less crazy than I thought: they signal when the EQ with a “highway Pilot” Autonomous stage three moves. To make it is comfortable, has the EQ air suspension.

700 miles

Two electric motors provide all-wheel drive and come together to 350 kW (i.e., 476 E-HP) and 760 Nm of torque. So that’s 4.5 seconds to 100 kph. Nevertheless, the range should be lush: The clear over 100 kWh battery pack in the bottom of the Details does not reveal Mecedes still stands for 700 km range, which should be load with 800-Volt on-Board power and 350 kW of power in 20 minutes to 80 percent. By the way: In contrast to some other Stromer of 5.30 metres long luxury liner to run well over 200 cases.