Such a sentence you rarely hear from a Manager in the auto industry. “I’m not going on a weekend with the car in the city.” In the family of Marc long Brinck, CEO at Mercedes-Benz Switzerland, meanwhile, have all the departure times of the S-Bahn to Zürich in the head. “But we also have the luck of the short walk to the train station,” says long Brinck. This, however, was, unfortunately, not everywhere in Switzerland, so, in spite of the so-efficient public transport in this country. Long brincks insight: “Everyone should have the opportunity to use all modes of transport so intelligent, it comes as efficiently as possible and comfortably from A to B.”

In the car industry for a long Brinck with these Considerations, far from alone. Disruption is the magic word. Technological progress, especially digitalization, the debate on climate change and the scarcity of land in urban agglomerations to question the previous understanding of mobility. Here are the drivers, the public TRANSPORT users – this duality softens up. The position of the individual mobility for the Service; the key Information and networking, to be able to transport resources in an efficient and time-saving for the path from A to B link. The digitization opens up spaces for Start-ups that bring fresh ideas for new services, the auto industry in a tight spot. And the business model of the pure car sale even in question.

for car drivers public TRANSPORT can be useful

“but We are convinced that it will continue to provide individual transport, especially in Switzerland,” says long, Brinck sure. The customer in this country should be proud of his vehicle, and there were situations, as the car is simply not the best solution. At the same time, he wants to reduce from this autumn for the customers of its brand with new Services, the threshold for the use of other means of transport besides the car: “It must be completely okay if I use that as a vehicle customer, other modes of transport.”

To do this, Mercedes-Benz Switzerland relies on three new offers. The first is the introduction of a Switzerland-wide rental services, as Mercedes is offering international: customers of foreign brands can not rent a car for the holiday or weekend trip, if the car offers enough space or the necessary 4×4 is missing. “We will offer our whole range of vehicles for short or longer rental, for private use, or for business people,” explains long Brinck.

the Second offer is a cooperation with MyDriver for the last mile in the city centre. First, it is offered in November and December in Zurich on the Bahnhofstrasse and at Bellevue Park Service: Mercedes make Parking in the city for shopping to go and ten minutes before the return journey via a phone call the car to provide. The prices will be a flat rate between CHF 20 on weekdays and 35 Swiss francs at the weekend for up to twelve hours. “If proven, we will expand the Service to other cities” so long as Brinck.

in combination with public TRANSPORT

Both Services are still moving into the car world. New is the link between car and public TRANSPORT is against it. Starting in December, buyers of all-electric Mercedes EQC will receive in the future, for one year from the purchase a public TRANSPORT credit of up to a month for 40 francs. “For us, that is the connection between sustainable and intelligent mobility. We work with Fairtiq,” explains long Brinck. By Swipe App and location services, the App, this provider calculates the cheapest Fare from A to B, ordered in the Background, the necessary Tickets and settle on a provider. Will be integrated into the Mercedes-own App? “To be able to a later point in time, we imagine this quite. If the offer is well received, I would like to also extend the Service to all Mercedes-new cars”, said Brinck.

First of all, it’s cooperation, instead of Integration: “it is Crucial that our partners in the Mercedes-criteria for customer experience and ease of use.” Only in this way could also be to the quickness on the market to respond: “The upheaval in the mobility is carried out so rapidly. We only take the E-Scooter: do I have to offer this as a Mercedes in the future, my mobility App? Or should I give away scooters to customers? Such new developments to try out on your market-ability, I need to be fast. And the only way is through cooperation.” He has to be afraid to share your brand with others? “Our customers have no Problem with that, there are also other smart products.”

for More ideas, available

New mobility provider rush often on the car-sharing business. Why can’t it Share, now, the joint Sharing service from BMW and Mercedes, still in Zurich? “City planners is to reduce traffic in the inner cities. The public TRANSPORT in Switzerland is strengthened so that the Use of an additional fleet would be rather low,” explains long Brinck. “The ideal mobility solution – you have to look at the local conditions and then matching offers to develop. We already have more ideas.”

this Means also that the future Mercedes-customer must not have a Mercedes more, as the former group CEO Dieter Zetsche predicted years ago? Long Brinck laughs: “conversely, about me – if Mercedes customers will be happy to travel train or S-Bahn.”