The model of care is just as thin as the normal Mercedes GLC. For the Swabian middle-class boy, there’s a slightly revised Front and rear fascias, as well as series regular LED light and new Displays in the interior. But the SUV-Coupé also shows the brains: The Central screen is now a Touchscreen and the new operating system from the A-class with free-text input. Also the touch pad from the compact model for success was adopted in place of the rotary-Push button.

As in C-class and normal-GLC is also the SUV-coupe will receive additional assistance systems. They are supplemented by phase-Warner, emergency lane assist and traffic jam-the end-function, as well as a trailer shunting System.

New drives, more choice

In the coupe with the same engines with 9-speed automatic and all-wheel drive as in the normal GLC. The gasoline engines feature a 48-Volt on-Board network, and a belt-starter who takes hybrid functions, such as Boost or Recuperation and Fuel saving. It should also be able to turbo lag dubbing. The gasoline engine provide a new 197 and 258 HP (so far, 197, and 245 HP). The four-cylinder Diesel is now available in three performance levels to choose from: 163, 194 and 245 HP (so far, 170 or 204 HP). The 258-horsepower V6 Diesel disappears from the offer and will be replaced next year by the 333-horsepower in-line six-cylinder. Also, the AMG versions will start later.

price from around 60’000 Swiss francs

Optionally, the Mercedes GLC coupe with steel spring suspension, includes adaptive damping, variable adjustable damping or air suspension. Currently, the prices for the SUV starting coupe, 58’500 Swiss francs. The Revision is projected to increase from July 2019 to slightly more than 60’000 Swiss francs.